So you’ve holidays coming up and you don’t want to leave your car park space lying idle? No longer do you have to go through the stress of your colleagues fighting over the space. ParkOffice allows you to flag your holiday dates and then looks after the rest, making sure you’re space is allocated as fairly as possible while you’re away.

To begin simply click on the Time Off button in the navigation panel on the left hand.

In Out Of Office Days section, simply select Book Time Off. This will bring you to a form whereby you simply need to select the parking lot in which you normally park and the dates of your holidays. Once you’re happy with the details simply click Record Time Off to let ParkOffice know your days off. 


If your plans change and you need to cancel time off, simply go to the Time Off dashboard, select the dates in question and click on the three vertical dots on the right hand side. This will give you three options, select Cancel Time Off. Select this option and your Time Off will be reversed.

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