Arriving at work only to find that someone has parked in your space can be a nightmare. With ParkOffice, you can now communicate directly with the offender and the relevant company employee in a matter of seconds, increasing transparency around rogue parking and making it easier than ever to notify people of their error and make sure it doesn’t become a continuous issue.

To report a violation simply select the Enforcement tab in the navigation panel on the left hand side.

This will bring you to the Violation Reports section where you can view a history of any previous reports you may have filled. 

Select the Report a violation button which brings you to the Violation Report form where you need to enter details of the Violation Type, the offending vehicle plate, the parking lot in question and a brief description of the issue. Once you’re happy you have all the details simply click the Submit Violation Report button.

What happens next?

ParkOffice instantly scans the database of all registration plates associated with employees of your company, if it matches the offending plate with a member of staff they will be immediately notified of the need to move their car. Your companies designated ParkOffice super-users will also be notified of the violation and can take corrective action if necessary.

If the vehicle doesn’t belong to anyone in your company, the Park-Office super-users will be notified and again will take the corrective action needed to remove the vehicle from your space.

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